Selected clippings

“The Rose” of Masisi
28 July 2015
Photography, text and an audio slideshow about a maternal health project in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Wonder Woman: Baroness Valerie Amos
6 October 2014
Profile of the United Nations (UN) Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs
Via Running In Heels

Meet the women who survived the deadly Ebola virus
29 July 2014
Feature on women survivors of Ebola
Via Telegraph Wonder Women

Wonder Woman: Barbara Walters
30 May 2014
Profile of the legendary American journalist
Via Running In Heels

Wonder Woman: Christine Lagarde
20 May 2014
Profile of the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Via Running In Heels

Nailing Feminism
22 July 2013
Feature on feminist nail art
Via Running In Heels

Extreme Interviewing
1 July 2013
Feature on unconventional job interview tactics
Via Running In Heels

Exhibition: The Bride and the Bachelors
26 April 2013
Review of Barbican exhibition featuring Duchamp, Cage, Cunningham, Rauschenberg and Johns
Via Litro

Wonder Woman: Angela Merkel
2 April 2013
Profile of the German chancellor
Via Running In Heels

A Night in the Day
18 February 2013
Feature article on ‘evening entrepreneurs’
Via Running In Heels

Social Petworking: Are we barking?
11 February 2013
Comment piece on the growing online trend
Via Running In Heels

Feature Film: Les Misérables
15 January 2013
Review of the film adaptation of the French novel-cum-stage show
Via Litro

Meet Zainab Shakir
7 January 2013
Interview with the country director for Women for Women International in Iraq
Via Running In Heels

Meet the Women’s Room
10 December 2012
Interview with the founders of the Women’s Room, a database of female experts
Via Running In Heels

World Book Night: Are we still reading?
6 March 2011
Comment on World Book Night and how it’s condescending
Via Litro

Sotted Wordsmithery: Does Liquor Make Good Literature?
24 February 2011
Analysis of the relationship, if any, between booze and great books
Via Litro

E Pluribus Ebooks
23 January 2011
Comment on why I don’t read the classics and an e-reader ain’t going to make me
Via Litro